Are white boots in right now?

A trusty white boot is perfect for all seasons. A trend that's here to stay, white boots are an essential additional to your shoe collection and can be worn with just about everything.


Do white boots go with everything?

White boots are the ultimate wardrobe staple and can be worn with just about everything. White boots can brighten your outfit and are great way to wear less black in your wardrobe.


What is the difference between ankle boots and booties?

Ankle boots and booties are very similar in appearance however the main difference is ankle boots finish further above the ankle whereas a bootie finishes right on the ankle, if not a touch under the ankle.


Can you wear black boots?

Black boots are an essential shoe-drobe staple for a reason. They are versatile and can be paired with any outfit - from pants to dresses and skirts.


What boots are in style this year?

The biggest boot trend this year is the rise of the knee high boot. Knee high boots are a great tran-seasonal investment and can be worn throughout the year, not just during the cooler months. Try wearing yours with a long slip skirt during the winter or a mini skirt during the summer for a year-round wear.